Those fun zombie stories.

Ok, yes I said “fun”, but they’re not really that fun, more like freaky.

I’ve been looking through a couple stories that people have brought up about certain persons displaying zombie-like behaviours in the past couple years. I’d heard the stories before, but being the person I am, I overlooked them. But overlook I shall no more. I posted a link to one such story yesterday, so I think that before you read any further, you should go check that out. Really. So, a couple people went all blood-thirsty on their room-mates and neighbours and stuff, biting at their heads and dismembering them, some even going to the extent of eating their vital organs. Now by the general theory of zombies, they would aim for the vital organs of their victims, eating them even when the victim is still alive (no one knows why). So I would say that these cases fall deep into the ‘zombie’ category. Here’s a contrary hypothesis though: mental disorder. People could just have been going crazy, nothing zombie about it. Maybe in their fit of craziness, they were fully convinced that they were zombies and so went about doing the regular zombie stuff. It’s a bit of a vague hypothesis though, but I’ll let you guys think about it.

Another hypothesis is possession. I’m sure that a lot of you out there don’t really believe in demonic possession, but it is very possible, and when a demon does possess a human body, the possibilities of its actions are countless. These can include cannibalism. Besides, the persons’ inability to feel pain (as I’ve read in a few of the stories) could be because the body was in a catatonic state, caused by the possession. Anyway, I’ll leave that open for thought as well. The ultimate and most disturbing explanation there could be is that the dawning of the era of the undead is upon us. But let’s leave it as a last resort.

All in all, those stories freak me out. I’m gonna go study cell division now…


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