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A bit of time off…

Ok I’m gonna give my blog a break, since I’m having a few technological difficulties (literally), so I have to wait for my beloved netbook to return to me. May take a few days. Until then, watch out for the zombies…


A couple suspicious zombie cases:

I’m pretty freaked out now…

Something to contemplate upon.

I think I’ll discuss stories like this in my next post.

A little zombie browsing.

So I was on Facebook yesterday (cuz you know, free time is valuable and all that), and I was browsing through some zombie-related pages. Yeah, I am interested in other people’s opinions on zombies. There were lots of pictures and quotes on depictions of zombies, the usual stuff, and I constantly came across something that was a bit of food for thought. I mean, I’d seen it elsewhere, but this time I sat back and contemplated over it. Scrolling down the pages, there were these pictures and cartoons on zombie humour. Now I really have nothing against zombie humour, but if you think about it, doesn’t it dull the idea of a zombie being something horrifyingly terrible? To me it kind of creates stereotypes for zombies, like how people already believe that all zombies do is eat brains.

As I said, I have nothing against it, but if there are people out there who genuinely believe in the theory of zombies, then we need to expose others to more serious outlooks on the topic. Otherwise, the zombie era will come upon us and it would be harder to get people to believe, decreasing the number of potential survivors. Let’s give the Internet surfers some food for thought. Just saying.

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