Genetic anomalies

Today in class, we were studying embryology, and at one point the lecturer mentioned that when a woman has a child after the age of 40, it’s very likely that the child would be born with Down syndrome. Now this is a genetic disorder, caused by changes in number of chromosomes. Basically, it’s a mutation, and it causes physical abnormalities. My hypothesis for today is that zombification can be caused by genetic mutation, much like Down syndrome or sickle cell anaemia. What if there is a mutation- a change in the DNA sequence or number of chromosomes- that brings about physical and mental features in persons, later on in their life, which would allow us to classify them as “zombies”? It is a very vague idea, I must admit, because of a few glitches: factors that may cause such a mutation, like radiation or disease, and how these could bring about such a drastic genetic anomaly. Also, most babies born with serious genetic disorders die very early in life (a few days, or weeks maybe), and even if they do survive, in a case like this, zombification would not be contagious.

Ok, ok, I just sat back for a minutes and analysed this, and I came up with something else. Now, scientists have found that genes could be “switched on or off”. We would need an external factor to bring about that change spontaneously, so perhaps radiation of a high degree. there would be that single gene that, when switched on, would cause zombie-like features. Or maybe if a gene was to be switched off. That’s possible, right?

I don’t know, I’m typing these things right off the top of my head. I have a headache right now anyway.


A virus, maybe?

I have a hypothesis zombification could be as a result of a highly infectious virus. This does make a lot of sense, from a biologist’s point of view. Let’s call the virus ZAIDS. With this hypothesis, the virus works just like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), where it enters the bloodstream, attaches itself to the white blood cells and releases its genetic material into the cell. Basically, the white blood cell would now begin to produce the DNA of HIV, and so more members of the virus are created, with the human cell being the controlled host. Only thing is that for zombies, the brain would have to be taken over, so the ZAIDS virus would enter the brain cells and do the same thing.

Think of it this way: the viruses enslave the brain cells to produce their offspring. Of course, all severe viruses (or all infectious viruses for that matter) have epic physical bodily effects, and because ZAIDS would attack the central nervous system (brain), there would be effects all over the body, you know, cuz the brain controls all. One such effect could be multiple organ dysfunction, since brain signals to the vital organs would be warped or stop completely. Also there would be severe mental disorder, which leads to their wacko behaviour. To me, it seems plausible, but hey, it’s still a hypothesis.

Gonna eat potato chips now. Please, don’t contract ZAIDS.

Those fun zombie stories.

Ok, yes I said “fun”, but they’re not really that fun, more like freaky.

I’ve been looking through a couple stories that people have brought up about certain persons displaying zombie-like behaviours in the past couple years. I’d heard the stories before, but being the person I am, I overlooked them. But overlook I shall no more. I posted a link to one such story yesterday, so I think that before you read any further, you should go check that out. Really. So, a couple people went all blood-thirsty on their room-mates and neighbours and stuff, biting at their heads and dismembering them, some even going to the extent of eating their vital organs. Now by the general theory of zombies, they would aim for the vital organs of their victims, eating them even when the victim is still alive (no one knows why). So I would say that these cases fall deep into the ‘zombie’ category. Here’s a contrary hypothesis though: mental disorder. People could just have been going crazy, nothing zombie about it. Maybe in their fit of craziness, they were fully convinced that they were zombies and so went about doing the regular zombie stuff. It’s a bit of a vague hypothesis though, but I’ll let you guys think about it.

Another hypothesis is possession. I’m sure that a lot of you out there don’t really believe in demonic possession, but it is very possible, and when a demon does possess a human body, the possibilities of its actions are countless. These can include cannibalism. Besides, the persons’ inability to feel pain (as I’ve read in a few of the stories) could be because the body was in a catatonic state, caused by the possession. Anyway, I’ll leave that open for thought as well. The ultimate and most disturbing explanation there could be is that the dawning of the era of the undead is upon us. But let’s leave it as a last resort.

All in all, those stories freak me out. I’m gonna go study cell division now…

Something to contemplate upon.

I think I’ll discuss stories like this in my next post.

A little zombie browsing.

So I was on Facebook yesterday (cuz you know, free time is valuable and all that), and I was browsing through some zombie-related pages. Yeah, I am interested in other people’s opinions on zombies. There were lots of pictures and quotes on depictions of zombies, the usual stuff, and I constantly came across something that was a bit of food for thought. I mean, I’d seen it elsewhere, but this time I sat back and contemplated over it. Scrolling down the pages, there were these pictures and cartoons on zombie humour. Now I really have nothing against zombie humour, but if you think about it, doesn’t it dull the idea of a zombie being something horrifyingly terrible? To me it kind of creates stereotypes for zombies, like how people already believe that all zombies do is eat brains.

As I said, I have nothing against it, but if there are people out there who genuinely believe in the theory of zombies, then we need to expose others to more serious outlooks on the topic. Otherwise, the zombie era will come upon us and it would be harder to get people to believe, decreasing the number of potential survivors. Let’s give the Internet surfers some food for thought. Just saying.

I’m just another believer…

Hey, and welcome to my page. This is my first post, and usually a person would formally introduce him/herself to the readers. I, for one, won’t do that. All I’m going to say is that I am a believer. In zombies, that is. Not many people (at least from what I know) could say that, but I can’t say I’m a part of the masses. Now, I’m not here for popularity, and I know there are chances of my blog not even being read by anyone, really, but I’m here just to share my thoughts, and my hypotheses. And I have a ton of hypotheses on the uprising of the undead, as some may call it, the Zombie Apocalypse. However, I don’t think the “Apocalypse” would happen as flashy and as spontaneously as several authors portray it, or as many zombie movies illustrate it. No. It will begin small, it will root from the least suspected place and at the least suspected time, it will be sequenced and it will be inescapable. I have visited different websites and formus based on zombies and preparation for their attack, and the first question I’ve come across every time was: What do you think Z-day would be like, or how would it begin? Z-day refers to the day the zombies come after us or whatever. The thing is, there can be so many ways in which it could come about, that it would seem pointless to think of any way in which it would begin. I mean, you can come up with your own hypotheses, nothing wrong with that, but to come up with an exact theory about the events that would occur on “Z-day” would be similar to creating an exact theory on where our souls go when we die. No one knows for sure. And before you argue this statement, go look up the scientific meaning of the word “theory”. Also, zombies won’t just pop up one day, it will be a built-up occurrence with a possibly mysterious origin. I’ll come back to that hypothesis later. Anyway, I think about zombies a lot (very wild imagination) and I always come up with interesting, sometimes contrary and sometimes controversal, hypotheses on the attack of the undead. Now, I’m going to publish it all here. I suppose I’ll be here a lot.


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